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Alan Ramirez United States

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About me

I'm fifteen years old, and the way I found out about this site was because of my biology teacher. Anyway I just like to share information with the world, and this is a great way to do it.


Well my lifestyle is very busy. I go to brooks college prep and it's always full of work and things to do. I also play sports after school like soccer or volleyball. And at home I'm usually very busy as well. Busy life!!


Well I mainly like to listen to hip-hop and rap, but I also like Latin music a lot, like bachata, salsa, reggeaton etc...

Movies and TV:

In movies I prefer horror, comedy, and action. For TV, although not a big fan of TV, I like TV series like lost, or other shows like AFV, or American Gladiators where people compete. And well also I watch the news once in a while to see what's going on in


Well I only play team sports, I don't do solo sports like golf. My favorite is soccer, and next to it is volleyball. Others I just play for fun, but not really into them.


I like computer tech, and I like to make my own rap songs, but that's really all I do for arts...


I'm Latino
I'm Straight
I'm For God (Although I love science)
I'm Krazzy!! (some times)


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